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An essential part of making Scrum a success is understanding what it is and what it is all about. In this Agile Scrum Foundation Course, you will learn the basics of the Scrum Framework and how these are being implied in Agile Projects.  After the training, you will be able to bring agility to your next project! This Scrum foundation course provides the fundamental overview of the Scrum Basics and the agile approach in general. After the course you will have familiarized yourself with Scrum essential values, Scrum Principles, Roles, Artifacts and Events. Furthermore, you will get an insight of how Scrum is implemented in the real world and which benefits it offers. After completing the course, you will be able to take the Scrum Foundation Exam by Exin and acquire your certification. You can book the Exam here: AGENDA 1. INTRODUCTION • What is Agile? • What is Scrum? • Differences between Agile and Classic Project methods • Values and principles of the Agile Manifesto 2 - ROLES AND RITUALS • Product Owner, Scrum Master, Development Team • Sprint, Sprint Planning, Daily Stand Up, Sprint Review, Sprint Retrospective 3 - SCRUM AND AGILE PRACTICES • Product Backlog, Sprint Backlog, Product Increment • Extreme programming, refactoring, pair programming, continuous integration, agile testing, definition of done 4 - SCRUM PLANNING • Sprint Plan & Sprint Backlog • Release plan • Multilevel plans 5 - ESTIMATES • Tools (User Stories, Scrum Poker, etc.) • Timeframe, techniques, requirements • Action plan 6 – MONITORING & Communication • Measurements and methods • Burn Down Charts, Information Radiator, Niko-Niko Calendar, Kanban 7 - ADVANCED CONCEPTS • Large projects with Scrum (Scaled Scrum, Scrum of Scrums) • Distributed Scrum Teams • Fixed price projects BENEFITS - Getting to know all the important SCRUM elements - Understanding the methodological approach of SCRUM - Approaches to the practical use of SCRUM - Preparation for the exam according to the official curriculum (EXIN syllabus) TARGET GROUP • People interested in Scrum and general Agile aproach • Software developers and employees in this environment • All members of the SCRUM team • Roles of SCRUM Master and Product Owner • Project leader / project manager • Members of the steering committee or steering committee of projects • Team manager in projects, project staff • Program and Portfolio Manager • Executives • Intern PRE-REQUIREMENTS - None

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