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Condor GmbH - 
Product Owner Certification


Condor GmbH, a leading global company specializing in travel and aviation services, has undertaken a transformative journey to revamp their current website and customer journey through their program "Beyond Horizons." Recognizing the potential of Agile methodologies, they sought to adopt Scrum and SAFe practices to achieve their goals effectively. To ensure a successful Agile transformation, Condor aimed to train and certify ten Product Owners in Agile Scrum practices. To achieve this, they partnered with ScrumZ, a renowned Agile training provider, to deliver a comprehensive training program.

Challenge: The challenge at hand was to ensure uniform knowledge and alignment among the Product Owners participating in Condor's "Beyond Horizons" program. They needed a standardized understanding of Scrum and Agile practices to effectively collaborate and drive the project's success. Achieving Agile certification for the Product Owners was essential to equip them with the necessary skills and methodologies required for efficient and cohesive project execution.

Solution: To address the challenge, Condor sought an agile training solution that would provide consistent, in-depth knowledge across all Product Owners. Partnering with ScrumZ, they curated a customized training program focused on Scrum and Agile principles. The training aimed to empower the Product Owners with a shared understanding of Agile methodologies, enabling them to implement uniform practices and foster seamless collaboration.

Training Delivery: ScrumZ designed a comprehensive 6-hour in-person training, spanning two days, hosted at Condor's offices. This interactive training approach allowed for open discussions, hands-on exercises, and real-world scenarios, ensuring active engagement and knowledge retention.

Certification Process: Following the training, ScrumZ facilitated the Product Owners' preparation for the official certification exam. Two weeks later, the participants took the exam, successfully earning their official Agile Product Owner certifications.


  1. Aligned Agile Expertise: Training and certifying 10 Product Owners simultaneously ensured uniform knowledge and Agile expertise among the team, creating a cohesive and collaborative work environment.

  2. Streamlined Collaboration: With all Product Owners now on the same page regarding Scrum and Agile practices, collaboration between teams and stakeholders became more efficient and streamlined.

  3. Agile Excellence in the Program: The trained and certified Product Owners are now equipped to apply Agile methodologies effectively, enhancing the overall execution of the "Beyond Horizons" program.

  4. Agile Leadership: As certified Product Owners, the team members possess the skills to lead Agile projects, prioritize customer needs, and drive continuous value delivery.

  5. Rapid Knowledge Transfer: Condor's agile transformation gained momentum by training and certifying multiple Product Owners at once, allowing knowledge and best practices to be swiftly disseminated throughout the organization.

  6. Enhanced Decision-Making: Unified Agile knowledge empowers the Product Owners to make well-informed decisions, resulting in better project outcomes and increased customer satisfaction.

  7. Agile Culture Amplification: The successful training and certification of the Product Owners nurtured an Agile culture within the program, fostering continuous improvement and adaptability.

  8. Increased Productivity: With a shared Agile mindset and practices, the program experienced increased productivity, enabling quicker responses to changes and improved project delivery.

  9. Certified Professional Profile: The certified Product Owners gained individual recognition and professional credibility, elevating their profiles within the organization and the industry.

  10. Competitive Advantage: Equipped with a team of certified Product Owners, Condor now enjoys a competitive edge in the market, positioning themselves as leaders in Agile project management and delivery.

The successful training and certification of 10 Product Owners in the EXIN Agile Product Owner course has significantly contributed to Condor's Agile transformation and program success. The team's empowered Agile practices, streamlined collaboration, and customer-centric approach position Condor as a leader in Agile project management, ensuring continuous value delivery and sustained growth in the competitive travel and aviation industry.

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