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Agile Scrum Foundation Course

Agile working is no longer just for software development teams. Demand for increased business value and the ability to respond to customer needs more efficiently has led to other departments adopting the Agile Way of Working.

This has led to Scrum Teams popping up across different organizations and business units. However, it is essential that these Scrum Teams and their managers understand both the scrum framework they are working with as well as the agile mindset behind it. The combination of these two disciplines leads to an increased ability to manage changing priorities, better project visibility, and increased team productivity.

Scrum remains the most popular of all Agile methodologies.

This is why this Agile Scrum Foundation Course is ideal for moving forward in the digital age as it helps professionals develop an Agile mindset and a Scrum skill set.

This Scrum foundation course provides a fundamental overview of the Scrum Basics and the Agile approach in general.

After the course, you will have familiarized yourself with Scrum essential values, Scrum Principles, Roles, Artifacts, and Events.

Furthermore, you will get an insight into how Scrum is implemented in the real world and which benefits it offers.



Agile Scrum Foundation is designed to test a professional’s fundamental understanding of agile principles and scrum methodology. It is especially beneficial for those leading or participating in projects. This course is especially interesting for professionals who work in project management, software development, IT service management, and business management.



  • Agile Way of Thinking

  • Scrum practices

  • Scrum Planning and Estimation

  • Monitoring Scrum Projects

  • Advanced Scrum Concepts










After completing the course, you will be able to take the Scrum Foundation Exam by Exin for 250 EUR and acquire your official certification by Exin.


+ Understanding what is Agile, Scrum  & Lean

+ Getting to know all the important SCRUM elements

 +Understanding the methodological approach of SCRUM

+ Approaches to the practical use of SCRUM

+ An opportunity to obtain an official certificate which will help you to boost your career and increase your salary





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