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ScrumZ is all about Scrum, SAFe and agility in IT Projects.


Are you struggling with the organization, structure, and results in your IT Projects?


Are things not moving the way they should?


This is where ScrumZ comes into place. As an experienced Leader in the Agile World, we will find the best solution for your organization, project or teams. ScrumZ focus on three main pillars:

1. Lean Portfolio Management

2. Team Performance

3. SAFe Implementation

Additionally, ScrumZ LLC is an accredited and certified partner of EXIN and is offering Agile Scum trainings and certifications.

Reach a New Level of Success with Us!


Meet Kristina

Hi! I am Kristina.

For over five years I have been building high-performance teams and organizations through the use of agile methodologies like Scrum, and SAFe.

I have become an expert in developing people and building scalable and performing teams through my work with Startups as well as big organizations, with small teams and big ones, with difficult characters and very easygoing ones. 


My specialty lies in providing the teams as well as the management level with the right tools, techniques, and advice to master their agile journey, and succeeding in implementing Scrum or SAFe, and therewith achieve measurable results. 

Kristina Suchan Scrum Master Scrum Coach Scrumz

Your Benefits

Implement the Lean Portfolio Management within 3 months & bring clarity and prioritization to your project

Get your Teams collaboration and performance to the next level

Get your teams Scrum educated and certified so everyone gets the basics right

Get things finally Done! 

Scale & Implement  SAFe within 6 months 


Lean Portfolio Management

Organizations are increasingly looking to agile frameworks like SAFe® to manage costs while delivering value and agility effectively. Lean portfolio management can help leaders align their portfolios with strategic business outcomes and improve investment decisions across the portfolio. Successful implementation requires however commitment from program and portfolio management leaders. 


Scrum Team Performance

People in your agile teams are your best component, yet still, a lot of companies, organizations, and leaders neglect this important fact. Also, still, a lot of leaders get Scrum and Scrum teams wrong which leads a lot of times to frustration and unsatisfactary results. Find out what it takes to build high-performing teams. 


SAFe Implementation

SAFe® has become the most popular framework that is being considered for large and complex projects as it promotes alignment, collaboration, and delivery across large numbers of agile teams. SAFe® is however a very complex and multifaceted scaling framework, and successful implementation requires an understanding of the framework as well as commitment to do the work it takes to successfully implement it. 


What We Do

Companies are increasingly confronted with advanced digitalization and dynamic environments.

Complex projects are expected to be delivered in shorter periods of time and continuous adaptation to changes in the markets is the new norm.

Going Agile and implementing an agile framework is a way to successfully face the new dynamics, complexity and meet the ever-changing needs of the customers. 

 The benefits of agile organizations are increasing reaction speed, adaptability, innovation, and market fit. However, this is most of the time easier said than done and the reality is that still a lot of organizations and companies are struggling with going agile. 

That is why, here at ScrumZ, we have made it our mission to support and assist you to get Scrum, SAFe® & Agile Right! 

How Do We Do It

There are numerous agile development methodologies, where Scrum and SAFe® are the most widely adopted ones. All of the frameworks are based on the scientific method of empiricism, replacing a programmed algorithmic approach with a heuristic one.

Scrum is for example known to be a simple framework yet difficult to master.

Through proper training and coaching, Scrum can be leveraged to build highly successful teams that learn through experiences, self-organize while working on a problem, and reflect on their wins and losses to continuously improve.

ScrumZ helps its clients in different aspects around the topic of agile implementation, from improving the self-organization and performance of your Scrum Teams to helping the management and leadership understand what it takes to be a leader of the 21 century and how to successfully implement a Lean Portfolio Structure.


Our Projects & Clients

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I worked with Kristina on a digitalization project that was facing several organizational challenges. With her positive drive and energy, the transformation was much smoother, the scrum sprints more productive and meetings more efficient. If more professionals in IT would have her proactive, "to the point" and problem-solving approach, a lot of resources could have been saved. I highly recommend working with her.

Marian B.